Summer Program Sample Workout

Kits pool is 137.5 metres long. 1 L(ength) in the workout below is 137.5metres.

Workouts in summer are typically:

  • 4L swim warm up
  • 3L alternating drill/swim between Guard chairs
    - 1st L drill is extended dog paddle
    - 2nd L drill is single arm
    - 3rd L drill is zipper
  • 2L alternating kick/swim between Guard chairs
    - kick on side as much as possible, lower arm extended, change sides each kick section
    1L mixed strokes, not all free!
  • 3 or 4 X 2L with :20-:45 sec rest after each repeat (depending on your fitness level)
    #1 - build effort each direction
    #2 - build to middle Guard chair, strong to end, each direction
    #3 & #4 - alternate smooth & EZ/Hard by Guard chairs each direction
  • 2L or 4L Pull - alternate breathing every 3rd stroke/every 5th stroke by 25m (use markings on bottom of pool)
  • 2L cool down mixed strokes, not all free

Total: 22L = 3000m

See more Kits Pool length-to-metres conversions.

Fall 2021: Starts September 10, 2021. Give cheques to KC on deck. See Winter Program. Sept 10-Dec 17. No new registrations (you need to have been our fall program before).